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The Project schedules the realization, in each partner country, of training workshops.
They will be held from the coordinator of Theatre and Prison's activities together with two experts coming from two countries partners of the Project.
Workshops will be organised belonging to the needs of the responsible structures. The common purpose is to realize the workshops inside the prison, if possible.

The organization of the workshops will be the following:

Theoric phase
A first approach to the experiences performed from the coordinators. They will explain their motivations, their background and the distinctions of their experiences, with reference to the specific realities in which they have been working. They will illustrate the goals achieved during the past years and, at the same time, they will give information about their future programs.
There will be presented some video material, that will give an immediate and concrete approach with various kind of methodologies.

Practical phase
Participants will follow directly the work of the coordinators inside the prison (if possible) or in their working area.

Phase of methodological discussion
The participants to the workshops will have the chance to analyse and discuss upon the methodologies that they already know and comparing them.
This kind of work has to lead to the development of a unique methodology, based on the synthesis of the methodologies already known. A methodology that could be used from all people involved in the field of Theatre and Prison.
(Realization of a common model of intervention).
This model will comprehend also the connections and relations between unconventional experiences of training (Theatre in Prison) and the conventional models of education and vocational training (Universities, companies and associations working in the field of adult's education).

Workshops will be held during the first half of the year 2006.

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