Theatre and Prison in Europe. Making, development and diffusion of innovative methodologies

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Institutions involved in the Project, Prisons from partner's Countries and from other Countries, Local Institutions, Ministries of Justice, Universities, private Education and training Companies, Grundtvig projects coordinators interested to the debite of the Seminar, cultural Institutions, people working in the social field, volunteers, they will all be the participants to the three days International Seminar that will be held in Volterra in February 2006.

The Seminar will be held in Italy and, thanks to the outcomes of the research, the discussion will be around the following matters:
  • Problems linked to the rehabilitation and redevelopment of prisoners in European penitentiary systems
  • The experiences of Theatre and Prison and the steps achieved through this kind of interventions
  • The "after the prison" moment and the way in which these kind of experiences can help the re-socialization process of ex-prisoners
The Seminar will have public speeches carried on from experts coming from the partner Countries, on designation coming also from other Countries. There will be also working groups on specific themes. The report of the work of these groups will be presented in a public speech and will be published on the web.

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