Theatre and Prison in Europe. Making, development and diffusion of innovative methodologies

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The aim of the research is to give evidence to the actual status of all the disciplines concerning Theatre and Penitentiary system in Europe.
Moreover it will focus on the methodologies of rehabilitation/redevelopment of prisoners and ex-prisoners; thanks to the choice of good practices, the research will have the purpose to realise a common model of intervention and control.

To achieve these goals, the research will consider the following aspects:
  • Collection of all data available, materials, documents concerning dramatic activities and Prison in Europe
  • Interviews to the most significant players
  • Realization of focus-groups among the players involved (prisons, operators, Universities, Local Institutions).
  • Selection of case-study

The research will be conducted and produced starting from the territory and it will involve the following aspects:
  • The artistic degree of the performances
  • Degree of the motivation of the people involved
  • Adherence by the prisoners to the dramatic and theatrical rules
  • Experience of personal growth
  • Development of a new and different expressive ability

The following features will have a special importance
  • The international approach
  • The methodologies of intervention and their impact on the territory
  • Goals and outcomes judged from the point of view of people interviewed
  • Motivation of people involved
  • The perception of the various purposes of the project
  • Confrontation between partner's experiences and the concrete actions in each country partner
  • The choice of models than can be used as "references"

The Questionnaires
The Outputs

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