Theatre and Prison in Europe. Making, development and diffusion of innovative methodologies
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The main purpose of the Project
The ferment of dramatic activities in Prison and the strong interest that is growing around them in many fields and at various levels, are often clashing with an inadequate legislation, with rules that are stopped to years ago and which are not representing the big changes of culture, giving always the idea that prisons have to be and to remain realities completely different and detached from "civil life".

The comparison between different European experiences among Institutions that gave their availability to collaborate and to be part of the Project, is, at the same time, the aim and the structure of the Project itself. It has also the purpose to create an active and visible "space of discussion" upon the status of jails in Europe and upon prisoners' rehabilitation and redevelopment systems.

How to realize it
The realization of common actions among partners represents the best and most efficient mean to face difficult and complex situations like those foreseen by the Project.
The coordinated cooperation among the actors of the Institutions involved will give the opportunity to use various experiences, skills and resources that will help to pursue the goals of the Project with higher efficiency, exceeding all kind of restriction due to regional or sectoral limitations. A coordinated approach helps to create connections and integration among all partners and it also helps to face new and more complex challenges, able to give their contributions to the governmental policies.

The goals
  • To integrate all European experiences of Theatre and Prison.
  • To analyse the past experiences of all partner countries, and select good practices
  • To promote educational and vocational training paths for prisoners and ex-prisoners using unconventional methodologies.
  • promuovere la qualificazione professionale di categorie che già operano in connessione con le carceri.

The innovative features of the Project

Sharing and exchanging concrete experiences of adult education through dramatic activities inside the prison, with the aim to create a common model of intervention able to stimulate prisons to realize rehabilitative educational methodologies suitable for prisoners and ex-prisoners, using common methodologies.
The integration of unconventional training experiences with conventional methods of training and education. (Theatre and Prison experiences and Universities / education and training private companies). The enhancement of contents and methods used in the field of education and training, especially with respect to the skills and know-how of people working in the sector, enabling them to give a better training especially towards disadvantaged people.

A character highly transferable to other systems and target.

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